Your First Visit to the Orthodontist

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Why Visit an Orthodontist?

When you are seeking orthodontic treatment and looking for the right orthodontist, consider asking these questions.

What to Expect

The patient’s first visit is always an exciting time in our office. After a thorough orthodontic examination with Dr. Sutter, we will discuss your treatment options and length of treatment. This is your opportunity to have specific questions answered by Dr. Sutter.  It is also a time to convey your concerns and expectations to him. On this first visit, we would like to take complimentary digital photographs and a panoramic X-ray to determine if and when treatment is necessary. If treatment is needed, we would then explain the treatment fee and various payment options.  We will develop a payment plan to best meet your needs. We will be happy to complete your diagnostic records at this appointment, if it is convenient for you. This would include impressions for study models and a cephalometric X-ray (showing the relationship of the jaws and profile). These records will then be evaluated by Dr. Sutter, and a treatment plan will be formulated.

Our office
Our state of the art high tech office

We Are Caring

Patient Sign-In:  Our patients are instructed to use our computer workstation to notify the staff on their arrival at the office.  After brushing, they will be seated in the treatment bay.  We are proud of our no-wait policy and know that your time is valuable. Appointment Slip: At the time of check-out, each patient will receive an appointment slip as a reminder for the next appointment and a school excuse, if needed. WiFi Hotspot: We invite you to relax in our cozy Internet corner.  Here we have provided a wireless Internet hotspot for your enjoyment.  So bring your laptop and catch up on your unfinished tasks of the day. Follow-up Phone Calls: We routinely call our patients after key appointments just to ensure you or your child is doing well and to let you know that we do truly care about your experience with our office.  Postcards: we are constantly sending postcards to thank, motivate, and praise our patients. Commitment to Communication: We make a conscious effort at every appointment to briefly update you about your treatment and if it is progressing according to schedule.  We are committed to keeping you informed and we will always make time to answer your questions.

Our Office is Fun

Contest: We schedule contests to make each visit to our office fun.  Prizes such as gift certificates to movie theaters, video stores, and restaurants are awarded to our contest winners. Video Game Room: We have video games to help our patient’s sibling pass the time while waiting to complete their appointments.  Toys, books, and magazines are available for your children’s enjoyment. Toys and Stickers: We want the children to leave with a positive experience, so every new patient and their siblings are always offered a gift. Retainers: An array of colors and style are offered to each patient at the end of treatment. Staff: We take pride in being friendly to our patients, and we guarantee your experience with our staff will truly be a positive one.

Waiting in our office is no pain
There is truly a difference when it comes to orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Sutter is totally committed to providing the finest in orthodontic care, and we are confident through these advanced systems and superior service you will experience this difference.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing the benefits of creating a beautiful smile just for you.