Teenage Orthodontic Treatment

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Teenage Orthodontics

There is always concern surrounding teenagers, from their grades to their friends, their hygiene, and whenever that first date comes along. Here at Sutter Orthodontics, we’ll take care of the smile so you can be there for your child with all the rest.

It’s only natural that you’ll have questions.  You may wonder whether your child will need braces.  Are there other options?  Should you worry about their overbite?  Are clunky braces really worth it?

Questions like these are sometimes difficult to answer, partly because all teens are different.  Every teenager will have their own personal treatment that works best to give them a great smile.  Some will need braces and some might opt for Invisalign Teen™, but all will need retainers!  Regardless, we’ll be sure to explain everything about teenage orthodontic treatment to you in detail so you and your teen are comfortable with the treatment.

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How to Change Your Smile

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just improve the alignment of your teeth.  Your smile, your face, your self-esteem–everything changes for the better. Click on a time-lapse video to watch the dramatic and unforgettable changes to the appearance of these young orthodontic patients. Videos courtesy of American Association of Orthodontics, mylifemysmile.org.

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