Adult Orthodontics: Great Smiles, Great Health

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Orthodontic treatment is always a change for the better, regardless of your age. Dr. Sutter believes that adult orthodontic treatment can dramatically improve your personal appearance and self-esteem. A nice smile is always important, but improving the health of your mouth is equally important. Many adults choose to have treatment to:

  • Close spaces
  • Eliminate crowding
  • Avoid excessive tooth wear
  • Prepare for implants/bridges
  • Correct jaw/bite problems in conjunction with jaw surgery
New techniques and appliances offer

  • Comfortable appliances with aesthetic appeal
  • Reduce discomfort levels
  • Decrease the frequency of visits
  • Shorten treatment time

Many adults choose to use the clear braces that are virtually invisible.

How Adult Orthodontic Treatment Can Give You a New Smile

Click on a time-lapse video to watch dramatic changes to the appearance of these adult orthodontic patients. Videos courtesy of American Association of Orthodontics,


Videos courtesy of American Association of Orthodontics,