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Dolphin Imaging and Management Solution

Advanced Diagnostic systems

Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions:  Dolphin is one of the world’s leading providers of radiographic/photographic software used to capture a digital image of you dentition, face and radiographs.  We take pictures and radiographs, during your exam, which are projected on a computer screen to enhance your understanding and visualization of your orthodontic situation.  Dr. Sutter uses this technology to accurately assess your orthodontic problem and confirm a mode of treatment.

Sirona:  This company, has pioneered digital panoramic and cephalometric radiographic units.  Images of superior quality are produced at a significantly reduced radiation level, lowering the radiation exposure to our patients.

Advanced Sterilization System

The New Harvey PV Dry™: This steam sterilizer is the new dry standard in autoclave sterilization.  When you visit our office you can be assured that the safety of our patients is our primary concern.  Our sterilization techniques and barrio controls are designed to meet and exceed all OSHA and CDC guidelines.  Our instruments are sterilized after every patient.  Our sterilization equipment is monitored on a regular basis by an independent, outside biological service.  You can relax and be confident that everything is sterile and clean in our office.

The Self-ligating Bracket System

Self-ligating appliances are an innovative clinical technology that makes orthodontic treatment more efficient and more comfortable than ever before.  The traditional treatment involving tying archwires in with elastic ties causes friction.  This involved heavier forces to move the teeth, resulting in a longer treatment time.  Self-ligation appliances have a built-in “sliding door” that holds the wire in place while allowing it to slide freely back and forth.  

Retention Systems

Essix Retainers:  Essix are created specifically for each individual patient after braces are removed.  They are called “retainers” because they retain your teeth in the corrected position.  These are made of durable, clear plastic which are virtually invisible and offer a glistening shine to your teeth.

Removable Hawley Retainers: These retainers are a combination of wire and plastic, and can also be used after braces are removed.  They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs for our patient’s personal preference.

Self-ligating Bracket System

Office Management Systems

Ortho2 Practice Management System: Ortho Computer Systems, Inc (Ortho 2) is a provider of computer systems to orthodontic professionals exclusively since 1982.  They offer practice management solutions including patient records, word processing, insurance, scheduling and treatment charts, all on a Windows-based system.  Every patient’s visit to our office efficiently managed from sign-in to making your next appointment.